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ABOUT US. Our pension plan consulting firm, Aaron Deitsch, F.S.A., Pension Plan Consultant and Actuary, provides pension plan administrative services, actuarial services and retirement plan consulting. Employers needing immediate assistance should call us at 718-793-9885 or complete our short Pension Plan Questionnaire. Although we are located in New York City, we provide pension plan assistance for employers NATIONWIDE. Established in 1978 as independent pension plan consultants, we have NEVER compromised the pension plans of our clients by the sale of a product. Mr. Deitsch, a highly-credentialed and experienced pension consultant and actuary, is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries.

ABOUT OUR WEB SITE. Our site will help you learn about pension plans, provide pension tools and applications for your plan and provides assistance when you have a pension plan problem. Although this pension plan site is designed for employers, it is suitable for employees, accountants, lawyers, human resource professionals and others interested in pension plans.

I. PENSION PLAN LIBRARY. This enables you to obtain a basic knowledge of pension plans. If you are an Employer who is considering establishing a defined benefit pension plan or wishes to help ensure proper plan administration, please visit our page on defined benefit pension plan establishment or defined benefit pension plan administration. Stock market gains have caused additional concerns about overfunded defined benefit pension plans.

II. PENSION PLAN TOOLS/APPLICATIONS. This provides you with pension plan tools and applications that are helpful in the installation, maintenance or termination of your pension plan. 5500 forms, Internal Revenue Service Tax Forms and EFAST Department of Labor 5500 Forms for retirement plans are accessible. Tips for profit sharing , 401k and defined benefit plans as well as our Defined Benefit Pension Plan Guide are also available here.

III. PENSION PLAN ASSISTANCE. Get pension plan help when you need it. If you want to install a pension plan, have a question about an existing pension plan or have a pension plan problem, please complete our Pension Plan Questionnaire. Pension Plan Services We Provide is included here. If you need an actuary, see our Actuary for actuarial services.

This pension website is designed to provide employers with background material on qualified retirement plans, including defined benefit pension plans, cash balance plans, standard, age weighted and cross-tested profit sharing plans, 401k plans and other retirement plans. Since the laws pertaining to qualified pension plans are very complex, visitors should consult with their actuary and retirement plan advisors before taking any action. No recommendations of any kind are contained on this retirement plan website.

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