Is your retirement plan appreciated by your employees? Has it been properly communicated to them? To get an idea of how well your retirement plan is appreciated, fill out the short form below. We will provide you with a some suggestions on what you can do to make it better appreciated by your employees.

1. How well has the plan been communicated to employees?:

A. Have employees received a verbal explanation of the plan?: yes no

B. Have employees received a written explanation of the plan?: yes no

C. Have employees received the Summary Plan Description?: yes no

2. Has the plan been well understood by employees?:

3. Has the plan been well appreciated by employees?:

A. Have employees been asked for their opinions on the plan?: yes no

B. Have you properly addressed employee concerns?: yes no

C. Do employees receive benefit statements from the Plan?: yes no

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Please describe how you feel the plan can be better appreciated by employees. Also, provide any other comments you feel are appropriate.